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The “80% Rule”: Making Good Decisions Easier and Faster

More often than not, we have to make decisions with less-than-perfect information or insight.  That’s just life, especially as a leader.  The biggest common denominator of great leaders and great leadership teams is the ability to make good decisions with less-than-perfect information. But how do we make a decision when there are “gaps” in our […]

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Building Your Culture

Great employees stay at companies, not for the money or the benefits, but for the culture. Employees want to work at companies where it feels great to come to work. They come in early and hang around at the end of the day because they love being around other great employees. Your culture is built […]

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Conventional wisdom

Conventional Thought

In the 19th Century, anthropologists believed that Polynesia was settled by people who migrated there from Southeast Asia. This became the conventional view until a young Thor Hyerdahl challenged the experts. His contention, based on evidence gathered while living with the natives, was that Polynesia was settled by people from the east, specifically South America. […]

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I'm Fine

I’m Fine!

Recently I was in a meeting where, after a long discussion, a decision was finally made to take action. The person who was most vocal in arguing against the action was asked whether or not he supported the decision. Even though it was apparent to the team that he was not on board, he said […]

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Bald Tires

Bald tires & blowouts

Bald tires & blowouts: how you can unwittingly sabotage the traction you’ve worked so hard to achieve Tell me if you would do this:  would you drive your car around all day, every day, and never stop to have the tires rotated and balanced? Or would you just never bother looking to see if the […]

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217 Words on the word Accountable

217 words on the word “Accountable”

Lessons we learn by listening to how people use words.  Words are the foundation of our corporate culture. This term, “Accountability”, gets thrown around a ton in my world, and, frankly, I believe it is: misused, and, speaks a thousand words about the person using it. The way a Leader or Manager use the words […]

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Not Your Average Survey

Seth Godin told us in his book Purple Cow that marketing is that outstanding product or service which gets people talking about you. I was reminded of that the other day when my wife and I ate at Not Your Average Joe’s restaurant for the first time. The owner, Steve Silverstein, has created a business casual experience […]

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Overcoming overwhelm

Overcoming Overwhelmed

In working with entrepreneurial leadership teams, there is one challenge that consistently shows up, particularly with smaller companies. One of my clients, for whom I am implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System, is a perfect example. He called me the other day and was frustrated and feeling overwhelmed. We have only been working together for a […]

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The power of alignment

The Power of Alignment

EOS helps people get more of what they want from their business. EOS is a complete system with simple tools to help them do three things we call Vision, Traction and Healthy. Vision means first getting your leaders 100% on the same page with where your company is going and how it is going to […]

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