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Leadership then Management

Companies implementing EOS learn early that anyone with any management responsibility must do what we call LMA (Lead, Manage, and hold Accountable). Leadership without management or management without leadership is not good enough. The team deserves more than that.

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What Makes You Glow

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

With the core values in front of us, we used the People Analyzer to determine whether everyone else in the organization shared the same set of core values as the leadership team. I’ll never forget the first time we did this, we came up with a list of nine names—employees who didn’t seem to share […]

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Open Up and Grow

Open Up and Grow: The Proven Process

I’m a bit of a nature lover so for my weekly “Clarity Break,” I wake up early on Sunday mornings and walk in nature. One of my favorite things to do is to be peaceful and observe the proven processes of how nature works. It’s disciplined, has a rhythm, it is repeatable and scalable.

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Perfect is the enemy of done 2

Perfect is the Enemy of Done

Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Having spent more than 1,000 days in the trenches with entrepreneurs and their leadership teams, I can safely say that quotation applies just as well to business as it does to sports. Because when it comes to making decisions, calling things “done”, and […]

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Being Present and Beating Distractions

Being Present and Beating Distractions

At EOS we say “less is more”. With goal setting, it is 3-7 goals, and 3 is better than 7. Stephen Covey says if you have 3 goals you will most likely accomplish 100% of them. If you have 7, you will probably get 2 complete. This is all about focus.

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success can be boring

Success can be boring. Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit

Once at cruise altitude, the crew typically monitors the flight to stay on track. Things like weather avoidance, fuel management and proper coordination with ATC dominate their time. As small as these efforts seem, they’re what contribute to a 99.9 percent success rate for commercial flights in the U.S. over the last five years.

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Living intentionally

Living Intentionally with Worthy Business Goals

One of the main ways businesses are living intentionally is by knowing that their Core Values are a vital part of how the company operates. This means the values are not just something on their conference room wall, but they are lived every day. Values that are lived every day show up in how a […]

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Why you should say no to 10,000 great ideas

Why You Should Say NO to 10,000 Good Ideas

Businesses that try to take on 10,000 good ideas don’t gain traction. It takes extraordinary effort to keep everyone on the same page, and they inevitably end up with conflicting directions that confuse the team. Roles and responsibilities aren’t clear, and it’s difficult to attract talent when the company itself isn’t clear on what they […]

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Good Turnover

Introducing the Concept of Good Turnover

There are people within your company right now, who are NOT the right people for your company. They may be productive, but they do not share the core values of your company and therefore, are not playing by the rules, get political, think of themselves before the company and in general, are not unified with […]

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Building Trust the great multiplier of performance

Building TRUST: The Great Multiplier of Performance

Simply put, trust can accelerate or destroy any business or relationship. When people prioritize building trust they enjoy better relationships, reputations, employee engagement, retention, revenue and results! When there is lack of trust, everything takes longer and costs more. Trust me on this!!

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