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Turn the ship around

“Turn the Ship Around!” by David Marquet

If you can’t see the above video, you can find it here on YouTube. Like all TedX talks, it is 12 minutes long. The military is the penultimate example of top down leadership. After all, lives are at risk. There is no room for error. David Marquet, a retired Navy Captain, took exception to that notion […]

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When your leadership team is faced with a major issue, how many interests are sitting at the table? If you’re like most organizations, you have one interest for each person in the room. There’s the CEO’s interest, a Sales interest, a Finance interest, an Operations interest, an HR interest…and on and on. Misaligned Teams Don’t […]

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7 biggest meeting mistakes

The 7 Biggest Meeting Mistakes No One Talks About

Search Google for “Meeting Mistakes” and you’ll pull up 52,200,000 results. That’s a lot of meeting mistakes! But after about ten articles you’ll start to see the same mistakes listed again and again. And none of them include some of the biggest meeting problems companies have. Common wisdom says that you should have the fewest […]

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Are you taking Clarity Breaks

Are you taking Clarity Breaks?

We know that it is healthy to detach from the world occasionally to reflect and spend some quality time with yourself. It is rejuvenating, stress relieving and if you are lucky even downright fun. Try it, completely unplug and focus on you. You owe it to yourself! Now take those same principles and apply them […]

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For the greater good

For the Greater Good

I am sitting in a session with a client and we are making sure to flush out all the issues. The Sales and Marketing Director is going through his list as I write them up on the board and he finishes his list by saying, “and I need to be on the issues list as […]

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8 Questions

8 Powerful Questions to Crystallize Your Company Vision

Don’t ever agree to disagree.  Finding agreement is one of the key obstacles organizations face when trying to get to the next level. It’s not that the leaders don’t have a vision for their company, but that there are several visions that don’t align. Conflict Creates Unity It’s often tempting to gloss over conflicts in […]

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Long Term Issues

Smart + Healthy = Enduring Success: Long-Term Issues

We all have issues.  A shocking confession, I know!  By definition, an issue is an important topic for debate or discussion.   Consequently, issues aren’t just problems to be solved, threats to be thwarted, or obstacles to overcome, but they include opportunities to be grasped and challenges to be embraced. One of the major differences between […]

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Left on a mountain...

Left on the Mountain…

Yes. It’s true – happened this September. My business partner Alex Freytag & I were Halfway up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, when our guide left us. To be fair, his wife was having an emergency appendectomy.   But still, it did cause us more than a little concern; we still had 6,000 vertical feet to go […]

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Conflict creates Clarity

Conflict Creates Clarity

Some of the best meetings that I’ve been in lately are the ones where members of the leadership team challenge each other. There’s debate and pushback and the discussions are heated. Each person is actively engaged putting the greater good of the organization ahead of personal agendas. Sometimes the feedback they give each other stings […]

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