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Close the complaint department

Want to Solve Business Issues? Close the Complaint Department

Does your company have a “complaint department?” Most do. Someone with a door that’s always open, a sympathetic ear and the promise of keeping things “between us.” In many organizations, these people seem to serve a valuable purpose—or at least do no real harm. After all, doesn’t every team need an outlet for the inevitable […]

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Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit #1

Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit: Committing to Your Destination

My last article referred to the drastic difference between the 99.9 percent success rate in commercial aviation versus the 50 percent success rate for business owners. Today I’m beginning a series of short “lessons from the cockpit” posts to address the ways business owners can narrow that gap.

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Help Them See What You’re Saying

I went to the eye doctor this past month and it’s the first time I couldn’t read anything below the top line. It occurred to me while I was ruminating in my near-sighted blur that this is what it’s like for our people when they can’t “see” what we’re saying. The goals are there, but […]

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Team Strength

Team Strength?

As an EOS Implementer, I work primarily with business owners and leadership teams. One thing that I have noticed is that every organization either has had or will have a people issue. Some are big. Some are small. Every team is somewhere on a continuum from weak to strong. Where is your team?

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Are you in the zone

Are You in the Zone?

So you enjoy your job. That’s good. But is it your passion? Let’s go a little deeper…All the things you do everyday—are they things that you are truly great at and love to do? Not very many of us can honestly answer yes to this question. So what can you do to be more passionate […]

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Leadership lessons from the cockpit

Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit

Here’s a simple fact: commercial aviation has enjoyed a 99.9 percent success rate over the past five years. When it comes to the act of flying passengers from points A to B safely, the track record is exceptional! Most people intuitively know this and readily hop aboard an airplane with very little concern whether they […]

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team Leader vs. team player

Did You Find the Right People for Your Leadership Team?

Two years ago I wrote a blog article contrasting team players, and team leaders.  Why? Because there’s a stark difference between the two and it matters greatly who you have on your leadership team. The Right Kind of Person for Your Leadership Team Team players, as I am choosing to apply this label, are exceptional at […]

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Watch your biz game films

Watch your business game films

Ever seen a diagram of a football play?  Players are represented by X’s and O’s, and their movements and responsibilities are specifically and carefully detailed — block this guy, run this direction, throw the ball there.  When everyone executes, the play is successful.  Run enough successful plays and you win the game.  Win enough games […]

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Pole Pole

Pole Pole – A Lesson in Swahili

Pole Pole – pronounced Polay Polay – means slowly, slowly in Swahili. Our guide hiking up Kilimanjaro (and later assistant guide if you read my previous blog) kept saying this over and over. Admittedly, I’m not the most patient person in the world – so this Pole Pole thing kind of ticked me off. I […]

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to do or not to do

ToDo or Not ToDo: Maximize Your Focus to Master Priorities

If you google – Warren Buffett Pilot Advice – you will be pointed at all sorts of blogs recounting a story similar to the blog post James Clear wrote entitled Warren Buffett’s 2 List Strategy: How to Maximize Your Focus and Master Your Priorities. You can read his whole blog post here. The 2-List Principle The […]

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