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217 Words on the word Accountable

217 words on the word “Accountable”

Lessons we learn by listening to how people use words.  Words are the foundation of our corporate culture. This term, “Accountability”, gets thrown around a ton in my world, and, frankly, I believe it is: misused, and, speaks a thousand words about the person using it. The way a Leader or Manager use the words […]

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Not Your Average Survey

Seth Godin told us in his book Purple Cow that marketing is that outstanding product or service which gets people talking about you. I was reminded of that the other day when my wife and I ate at Not Your Average Joe’s restaurant for the first time. The owner, Steve Silverstein, has created a business casual experience […]

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Overcoming overwhelm

Overcoming Overwhelmed

In working with entrepreneurial leadership teams, there is one challenge that consistently shows up, particularly with smaller companies. One of my clients, for whom I am implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System, is a perfect example. He called me the other day and was frustrated and feeling overwhelmed. We have only been working together for a […]

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The power of alignment

The Power of Alignment

EOS helps people get more of what they want from their business. EOS is a complete system with simple tools to help them do three things we call Vision, Traction and Healthy. Vision means first getting your leaders 100% on the same page with where your company is going and how it is going to […]

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Simple, not easy

Simple, NOT Easy

Years ago my wife and I bought a new home but couldn’t afford to add air conditioning. A year later I went to Sears and bought a central air conditioning unit. The unit came with a do-it-yourself guide with detailed instructions and clear illustrations. Although she was a bit skeptical about my handyman abilities I […]

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Facts are troublesome things

Facts are Troublesome Things

While reviewing the company scorecard during a Level 10 Meeting, a member of the leadership team asked that two items be dropped to the Issues List. Both were related to revenue and had been off track for more than one week. When the issue came up during the resulting “IDS” portion of the meeting, several […]

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Neverending Journey

The (Neverending) Journey to 100% Strong

In the first three sessions with a new client, an EOS Implementer (like me) spends as much as half the time helping the leadership team strengthen their organization’s “People Component.”  Both in and between those sessions, the leadership team is working hard to get the Right Structure for the organization, and to make sure the company is […]

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What's your secret sauce

What’s Your Secret Sauce?

No one cares what you do. I know this seems a bit harsh but it is a reality all the same. There are many other companies that can fulfill the need your company currently fills or what you do. But there are probably none that can fill that need in the way or HOW you […]

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