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Ellyn Davidson, Brogan & Partners

“After 27 years of business, a down-turn in the economy, and a new management team, adopting EOS was exactly what we needed at Brogan & Partners. Through the process, we have expedited our decision making, enabling us to get far more done in a shorter period of time. Simply, the process has helped us make […]

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Randy Pruitt, Randall Industries, Inc.

“EOS was the catalyst for one of the most remarkable changes in my company. My Leadership Team has integrated the EOS tools into our everyday work habits.  Our vision is clear, strategies are well executed and communicated to all.  EOS taught my Leadership Team how to plan, act and communicate in a system that is easy […]

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Mike Lowry, Lowry Computer Products

“Lowry Computer Products is celebrating our one year anniversary of being engaged in the EOS process and have committed to the process for our future.  The process has helped us solidify our vision and streamlined the execution of our vision.  As a result, our company has accomplished major milestones in propelling growth, employee satisfaction and […]

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Brian Dietz, Dietz Property Group

“Dietz Property Group (DPG) has been implementing EOS for just over two years coming out of the Great Recession. During this period, we grew 44% by picking up six new third party engagements and acquiring three new properties, after being stagnant for a couple of years. EOS has also helped position us for future growth. […]

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Sean Ross, PackSmart, Inc.

“The EOS Process, has allowed our management team to grow more trusting of each other, be more efficient and navigate through tough issues quickly.  It has been less than a year since we have rolled it out to all of our team members.  They are enthusiastic about the changes that have been brought forth.  I […]

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Curtis Whipple, C. Curtis Financial

“A note of thanks for all you have done for our firm. When we began implementing these concepts, I was not happy, my health was failing, and my stress level was so high, I was ready to give up. Business wasn’t fun anymore. My business owned me – I didn’t own my business. At the […]

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