What is an Implementer?

EOS Implementers are experienced entrepreneurial leaders in their own right who have discovered EOS and dedicated themselves to helping other entrepreneurial leaders. Graduates of our intensive training program and part of a collaborative support network, Certified EOS Implementers are uniquely suited to teach, facilitate and coach leadership teams through The EOS Process.

An EOS Implementer guides a leadership team through the EOS Process to strengthen all 6 Key Components of their business acting as a teacher, facilitator and coach:

  • Teaching every tool in the EOS Toolbox.
  • Facilitating various exercises to pull all the right answers out of the leaders and to make sure each tool is customized to the specific organization
  • Coaching to make sure each leader achieves understanding and mastery of the tools and the system, holding the team accountable to do what they say they will do.  Leaders can’t see themselves playing the game – the coach can and will suggest adjustments to bring the best out in each leader.



So an EOS Implementer is a person with teaching, facilitation and coaching skills who is passionate about developing the abilities of business owners, leaders and managers.

The EOS Implementer can be one of the leaders on the company’s leadership team. This takes a special person because it’s tough to be the objective facilitator and coach in your own team, but it is possible with the right person.

More often, the implementer is a professional that comes from outside the organization, usually bringing more objectivity.  The professional may also bring a rich background of real-world business experiences that can be very valuable to the team.

Becoming an EOS Implementer isn’t difficult. There’s no contractor’s agreement to sign or franchise to buy into. We’ll provide all the training, mentoring and support you need to be successful. We’re here to help.

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Consultant creates dependence
A Coach uses a system
An EOS Implementer drives a system into an organization to create independence

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